Eclectic Tech Carnival

Previous /ETC's

2002 in Pula, Croatia
2003 in Athens, Greece
2004 in Belgrade, Serbia
2005 in Graz, Austria
2006 in Timisoara, Romania
2007 in Salvador, Brazil
2007 in Linz, Austria
2008 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2009 in Umea, Sweden
2009 in Istanbul, Turkey
2010 in Brussels, Belgium
2011 na pravi me Festival, Beograd, Serbia
2012 Make me Eclectic Festival, Vienna, Austria
2012 in Ljubljana, Slovenia
2014 TransHACKfeminist! camp (THF!) 4-11 August in Calafou, Spain

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A short film made at the /ETC in Belgrade 2004: here

video about THF!