Lots of serial adapters

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Get your very own pair of genderchangers!

The women that got together in the ASCII hacker space in 2000 called themselves “The Genderchangers”. The reason was because they had found some adapters in a box of old hardware, labelled genderchangers which made them laugh. One can picture it, an engineer developing the device and imagining it is logical to name it like this. Everyone knows that pins represent the male and holes are female.

A month ago I ordered 100 serial adapters from a favourite local shop, that deals in electronics and “maker” goods. Fifty female and fifty male genderchangers. The blue ones are twice as expensive to manufacture, because the internal wiring is more intricate. I’ll be selling them during the event, at cost price of course. One can add them to a bunch of keys or make some jewelry. I’d love to hear what you end up using them for.

Genderchangers in bags
Genderchangers in a row