Registrations are open

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Registrations to /ETC2018 are open!

The registration form for the next Eclectic Tech Carnival is online! Please register by 30th September to help us to plan.

-What is /ETC?

The Eclectic Tech Carnival (/ETC) is a gathering of people who critically use/study/share/improve everyday information technologies in the context of the free speech and open hardware movements. Everyone participates in skill sharing to expand our knowledges. We are a collective body of feminists with a particular history, who chew on the roots of control and domination. Events are organised locally and autonomously where there is a desire to host an /ETC.

-When and where is the next /ETC?

8-13 October 2018, at XM24, Bologna (Italy)

-Who can participate in the /ETC 2018?

Anyone who embraces feminism, who will share their skills and help out with the practical things that are needed to make the event happen.

-How can I propose a talk or an activity?

You can do it trough the form for contributions or by sending an email at call @

-In what other ways can I contribute to the event?

In ETC there is no distinction between organizers and participants: everyone is expected to contribute to the daily tasks which are required to make the event happen. Some examples are: helping in the kitchen, cleaning the space, taking a shift at the bar, setting the rooms for the talks, driving around to pick up people or materials, collecting documentation about the event, ensuring that everyone feels welcome and comfortable.

-Where can I sleep during /ETC?

Some locals will be hosting participants in their houses. If you want to use this option please send us an email at info @ We only have a limited number of places and they will go on a first-come first-served basis.

If you would like a more private option, you can search for something in the city. There are many sleeping options in Bologna with different price ranges. XM24 is quite close to the city center and well connected with public transport.

-Where can I eat during /ETC?

During the event there will be lunch and dinner made with vegan and vegetarian food. The meals will be cooked in the space and we will ask a small fee to pay the raw expenses. If you want to try some Bolognese cuisine you can ask locals for suggestions: many of them will be happy to entertain you for hours with their personal ranking of restaurants and trattorie in the city.

-Is there an entry fee?

There is no set fee, but a voluntary donation will be asked for at the entrance to contribute to the organisational costs. If you share in the meals at XM24 you will be asked for a contribution towards the purchase of the food.

-What about child care?

At the moment we don’t have any child care program. If you would like to contribute organizing one please drop us a line!

-I have another question!

Great, you can send us an email at info @ eclectictechcarnival . org and we’ll see if we have an answer :)