It’s begun

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People have arrived, accomodation is sorted.

Yesterday people arrived by car, train and plane and gathered at XM24. We had our first assembly in which everyone introduced themselves. We talked about the programme, how to fit in more, why not to have parallel tracks (not wanting to have to choose or have a workshop getting too little attention), that everyone has to sign up for cooking lunch and supper, that we need two people at the info stand (one spekaing Italian and on English) and how to talk to newcomers about the event.

Today we set up the tent (it’s sunny!) around the table at the entrance. Covered it with stickers, t-shirts and zines. We had another assembly and then the first workshop. The list of the skill-share sessions included:
Hardware Crash Course
Tunnel up, tunnel down. IPsec, openVPN and StrongSwan
Herbs and gynaecology
You are okay. Understanding feelings, expressing needs.

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